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Like it or not, we spend a considerable amount of our lives working. 

Time lost to illness can have an affect on a companies bottom line. One cause ca be dirty furnaces and ducts.  This build-up of debris can have negative consequences on the health of employees. Unfortunately, many business go years without having their ducts cleaned.

Commercial duct cleaning services are essential for the health of employees and customers.

A building’s ducts are a breeding ground for hundreds of micro-sized bacteria – and the HVAC system blows a lot of this into the air. Many older buildings have outdated ventilation, while some new properties are air tight, which is good for reducing heat loss, but not so good if the indoor air isn’t kept fresh.

One solution to all these potential problems – proper attention to the building’s HVAC system and specifically the ducts. A good ventilation system paired by proper maintenance and cleaning – sickness and lost productivity – can be significantly reduced when people are breathing healthy, clean indoor air.

Estimating commercial duct cleaning projects is different than estimating and pricing residential projects. You cannot count the number of vents or go by the square footage of the building to estimate commercial projects. There is such a wide variety of HVAC system types that a simple one size fit all estimating approach will not work.

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